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A Note About the Parts Diagrams

We have attempted to show the most popular items from the most well-known manufacturers, and we will be constantly adding to this parts diagrams library. If you cannot find the exact model, please contact us.


The part numbers shown with the diagrams are those of We have shown the part numbers for products available for purchase through the web site. Additional products shown in the diagrams without part numbers, may also be available, some in limited quantities. If you need one of these parts, please refer to our "Special Order Items" Category.


We have searched the web for the simplest, most accurate DIY videos from the most well-respected names in home repair, and are pleased to provide them here.

We have plumbing videos available for the following faucet related subjects:

>> Fixing a Leaky Bathroom Faucet

>> Fixing a Ceramic Disc Kitchen Faucet

>> Fixing a Single Lever Bath/Shower Valve

>> Repairing Delta Faucet Seats and Springs (WINDOWS)

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Manufacturer's Parts Drawings

Step-by-Step Instructions
in Easy-to-Follow Guides


Need help getting your faucet fixed? Let Splash, the Main Street Guy, help you get through your DIY plumbing project. Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions that not only explain what to do but why to do it. You won't be scratching your head trying to make sense of it all. Our faucet repair guides include:

Stem Identification: this guide details the different major components that make your faucets work.

Diagnostics: this guide details the different problems that your faucet can have and help you determine what you need to fix the problem.

Tools: find out exactly what tools you need to get your project done.

Fixing a Leaking Compression Faucet: If you're ready to start the job, we're here to back you up!


Fixing a Washerless Faucet: Newer single lever faucets, ceramic disc cartridges and ball faucets are included in this how-to!

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